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You’ve probably seen that meme going around about how to get a bikini body. Step 1: Buy a bikini. Step 2: Put it on your body. It doesn’t matter your size or shape. We are all about the #selflove movement and have compiled our team’s top tips to take care of and love your body this summer!


Summer is the toughest season on your skin as more of it is exposed to the elements. Sun, sand, water, wind & dirt are all working against your skin. Use a good exfoliating mitt (our team loves Renaissance Mitts), dry brush, or use one of our gorgeous scrubs to slough off the damaged skin and start fresh for the next day of summer fun!


Proper moisturizing does many things for your skin, most importantly, preventing and treating signs of aging. For maximum impact, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF and at night, mix your moisturizer with a serum.

Eat Clean

This can be easy or complex depending on your day to day life. A terrific first step is eliminating processed foods and eating foods that are simple and wholesome! Eat what is in season, and keep it easy – a side of BBQ’d veggies works with every meal!


Our Massage Therapy clients often confess that their time in the room is the only time they get to zone out. Take some time each day this summer to focus on you. Think about what you are doing to reach your personal goals. Enjoy a nature walk, meditate or take in a yoga class to relax your mind. The benefits of mindful living have a real positive effect on your body.



You think you had enough water today? Double it! Chances are you aren’t hitting your daily required intake, especially when you weigh in the coffee you just drank and the patio cocktails you’re going to enjoy after work. Proper hydration will help with your weight, skin & overall health. Fill up your water bottle early in the day and watch your energy flow.


Don’t stay completely out of the sun – that’s the best part of summer! Just make sure your skin is covered. Choose a sunscreen that you love & make SPF a part of your daily skincare regime. Still want that summer glow? Fake it! Use bronzers & self tanning products to help you achieve any level of desired colour.

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Play and be Active

Remember when those snowbanks were looming over our heads and we prayed for summer? Don’t let it pass you by! Take advantage, get outside & get moving. Walk to work if it’s an option, or take a stroll around the block after dinner. Adding in that extra physical activity is one decision you will never regret!

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