Spirit wants to share our insider knowledge on how to get a signature glow at home with Master Esthetician, Christine Fader. Our Virtual Consultations are currently free and can be organized using Zoom, phone chat, or email.  We are just a click away and would love to help you!

One of the hallmarks of any professional service is the exfoliation step as it removes dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier skin while allowing other products to penetrate better. The best kept secret in our retail shop is Dermed At Home Peels. We love these weekly cell renewing peels for their targeted ingredients; formulated to treat any concern from rosacea and sensitivity, acne, hyperpigmentation to anti-aging.  In 3-5 mins you have noticeably brighter, smoother skin, ready for more treatment.

Love our LED facials? We have a handheld version of our medical grade LIGHTWAVE LED that delivers all the benefits of Blue and Red wavelengths for the convenience of at home use. Blue LEDs can penetrate products and are used to treat Acne by killing acne causing bacteria while Red LEDs are used to treat aging concerns at a cellular level to repair and replenish cells. Improve your skin’s texture, treat crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots and acne with regular use! It’s no wonder we love this non invasive, zero downtime tool and who couldn’t use a bit of brightness in their day!

Professional treatments should leave your skin glowing from within and we have our trade secrets for achieving this on our clients skin. Our first is the Masque PIGM400 from Biologique Recherche.  This pack of four sheet masks is a radiance booster that leaves skin as bright and smooth as glass. Ingredients such as Vitamin C and red Algae even out the complexion and hydrate deeply.  In just 20 minutes you will have transformed skin that looks like you just left the spa. 

Our second secret weapon is the Biologique Recherche Finishing serums. These precious fluids contain high concentrations of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to stabilize other treatment products and protect the skin. Seeing is believing and our favourites include Silk Plus, VIP O2, and Y’all O2 for their amazing ability to transform skin and keep you glowing all day!

The final touch to our professional skin recommendations is protection.  You might be outside more trying to get extra exercise or sitting in front of a computer screen all day absorbing blue light and we want to make sure you have the best products backed by science.  We love Colorescience’s Enviroscreen Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50 because of its 100% mineral skin shield protection in convenient packaging. This product is perfect for anyone on the go and can be used alone or over makeup.

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