Everything You Need to Know about Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions have made quite an impact on the beauty industry and continue to provide amazing transformations for those looking to add length, volume or texture to their look.  While many are awestruck at the quality of these transformations, few people (other than the highly trained service providers) actually understand just how they work or the different varieties and techniques available.

We spoke with our resident extension expert, Nadine Scanlan, about the differences between hand-tied installations compared to other techniques, what to expect and why you should consider them.

Here’s what you need to know!

Comfort, wear & durability

As you would expect, hand-tied extensions are made and tied by hand, which eliminates most of the bulk and discomfort from historically used machine-made wefts. This allows for much more flexibility and longer wearability.  This attention to detail also results in less shedding and an ultimately longer and better quality wear experience after installation.   In fact, with proper maintenance, extensions can be worn for 8-12 months continuously.

At Spirit, we use a brand named Philocaly, which uses the Flip Up Beaded Row technique, which is the most seamless method for installation available. Because it does not require tapes/bonds or adhesives, it leaves extensions looking and feeling more natural than other installation methods and extends the time between regular maintenance appointments to 8-12 weeks.


The ability to manually stack hair wefts, means that hand tied extensions allow for tailored volume, allowing providers to address density issues and provide fully customized styles including custom colouring and layered patterns.

In most cases, the wefts will hold a style better than natural hair, meaning guests typically need less heat styling and washing, meaning that hair extensions are a great way to help grow out damaged natural hair.


Because hand tied extensions have a much lower average weight than man-made wefts, they are appropriate for fine-haired guests who may not have been able to comfortably (or subtly) use machine-made wefts in the past.

Why We Chose Philocaly

If you’re thinking about hand-tied extensions and are looking for the right fit for you, we highly recommend Philocaly.  Not only is it a Canadian + women owned and founded company, (which you know we love), they also ensure that their hair is ethically sourced and of the highest quality.  Each pack of hair (which includes 2 wefts) is sourced from the same donor, resulting in the most natural movement and results in less tangling.

The way in which the hair is sourced ensures that the cuticle is still intact, meaning the hair is silicone free and there are no acid baths or harsh chemicals used. As a result, the hair feels, styles and wears just like natural hair.  

Additionally, Philocaly artists receive the latest education and are always on top of the latest techniques.

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