7 Winter Hair Care Tips to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best!

Is your hair feeling dry, dull and brittle this time of year?

The lack of humidity and fluctuating temperatures are not only challenging for your skin, but it can also be a rollercoaster for your hair!

We talked to Senior Stylist, Jaime Horbul about tips on how to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and full of shine.

1. Lower the heat!!

Lowering the temperature on your hot tools and water in the shower helps to keep the hair from drying out. Whenever possible (weekends or days off) try to give your hair a break from blow drying!

For those times when you just can’t avoid heat, these are the products I always recommend to my clients to keep their hair healthy while applying heat!

2. Nourish the scalp

If you notice your hair is flaky, it is likely because your scalp is lacking hydration! Gently brush hair to lift off any unwanted flakes, this will get rid of loose hair and get the circulation flowing to the scalp. The extreme changes in temperature can cause the scalp to become dehydrated & itchy due to extra dry skin that may lead to flaking and/or dandruff.

These are the products I love for scalp health:

3. Protect your locks

It is always important to protect your hair from the winter elements, wearing a hat is a great way to do just that (and stay warm!!)

I also recommend these products to my clients to help them protect their hair from the winter elements!

4. Add supplements to your wellness routine!

During the winter months we are often lacking in fatty acids and Vitamin E, which can affect the health of our hair. Consider changing up your vitamins to include more fatty acids and Vitamin E. The Bend Collagen is one of my all time favourites for skin and hair health!

5. Get regular trims!

During the winter months, split ends seem to pop up much more frequently. This is typically caused by friction from putting on and removing coats, scarves and collars. In addition to getting regular trims or adding a treatment to your next salon visit (I love the Goldwell Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment), these are the products I usually recommend to keep split ends to a minimum:

6. Don’t forget your at home treatments!

Deep treatments are an excellent way to keep your hair healthy between salon visits. I typically recommend at least 2-4 per month or you can add one to your next service at the salon!

Here are my go-tos for hydration:

7. Don’t be afraid to change it up for the season! 

Regularly adapting our hair care routine is important as the seasons change. During the winter months, focusing on moisture and hydration for the hair and scalp is key.

Here are my faves:

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