Love Your Legs

Good circulation and general leg health are essential to our overall wellness. Staying active, eating well and drinking lots of fluids helps keep things moving but even with the best of care and intention our legs can still get tired and achy.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your legs in good health.


Submerging your legs in water (whether a hot or ice-cold bath) helps improve the elasticity of connective tissue, increases circulation to the muscles and joints, and creates constant pressure around the skin to stop inflammation. For additional comfort and relief, we recommend adding to your bath routine with anything from the Kneipp Arnica “Joint and Muscle” collection.


If you experience aching and swollen legs from standing or sitting for long periods, try elevating your lower body to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation and to induce lymphatic drainage.  Add-in diaphragmatic breathing to help you to relax even further. Make sure to raise your legs above your heart, and try and stay elevated for 15 minutes each time, three times a day.


Compression stockings stimulate blood flow by causing the muscles in your legs to continuously contract and relax, mimicking the internal action of walking. Wearing these socks reduces swelling and lowers the risk of blood clots. We personally love these Pear Compression Socks for their beautiful designs and impressive functionality.

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