Interested in trying SkinCeuticals, but not sure where to start?

Want to try SkinCeuticals but don’t know where to start? Master Esthetician, Christine Fader, suggests starting with one of their famous sunscreens. Here’s her quick rundown of their formulations to help you choose the best one for you.

Adding a sunscreen is a great way to sample SkinCeuticals especially if you already have a skincare regime in place. Sun protection is our most effective tool to help prevent premature aging. SkinCeuticals has four amazing broad-spectrum sun defence products that will shield you from harmful UV rays.

Physical Fusion UV Defense, SPF 50

This tinted 100 percent mineral UV filter is the brand’s best-selling sunscreen. Physical Fusion UV Defense is a lightweight fluid that does not leave a greasy residue or run into your eyes even on the hottest of days. The tinted description refers to the colour of the minerals which blend well with your skin leaving it smooth and radiant.

Sheer Physical UV Defense, SPF 50

This weightless fluid has a transparent finish and is perfect for those who want a light texture. Sheer Physical UV Defense works wonderfully under makeup and is ideal for sensitive skin types.

Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50

This sunscreen has a perfect matte finish achieved with an oil absorbing, physical tinted UV sunscreen. Physical Matte UV Defense Universal tint is perfect for all skin tones and helps prevent that midday shine on oily skin types.

4. Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50

This ophthalmologist tested sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection while respecting the delicate nature of the eye contour. It is the perfect base for makeup and prevents creasing and migration of product throughout the day.

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