Biologique Recherche P50T Product Review

We have a lot of guests asking us about Biologique Recherche and we can understand why!  

Biologique Recherche is known for their dedication to providing custom skin disciplines that focus on the Skin Instant© of each individual.  That means that it is designed to treat the skin based on its specific needs at the time, rather than by skin type or desired result.  

As it is a highly clinical line, Biologique Recherche should only be used after a thorough skin analysis and is best used under the recommendation of your Esthetician, so while we have lots to say about the amazing Lotion P50T, for best results, make sure to book in for a complimentary consultation before adding it to your skincare routine! 

Lotion P50T

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of this powerful product, Lotion P50T is one of the most recommended Biologique Recherche products.  It is largely prescribed as an hydrating + exfoliating toner that delivers smooth and healthy glowing skin.  

Many would describe it to have a cult-like following as it is routinely mentioned in the top beauty blogs and highly touted by influencers & celebrities alike.

However, when you put the beauty buzz aside, the best thing about Lotion P50T is that it really works.

Even the product name, P50T , is derived from its clinical nature:

  • P stands for Peel
  • 50 stands for 50 days for optimal results (when used 2/day) 
What does Biologique Recherche P50T do?

As one of the cornerstone products within Biologique Recherche’s method of skin reconditioning, Lotion P50T exfoliates, hydrates and balances the PH of the skin.  Anti inflammatory ingredients like Beta-hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid, help to penetrate pores and dissolve dead skin cells while another of the active ingredients, Arnica, also promotes healing and also acts as a soothing and protecting agent for the skin.

Lotion P50T acts like a probiotic for your skin, which is also why the smell (many describe it as vinegar-like) is more clinical in nature and can take some getting used to.  The product itself takes 5 days to make (an average skincare product takes about 2 hours). P50 is unique in that it deposits into the skin while addressing the problem parts at the same time. 

While most exfoliants aren’t recommended for everyday use, Biologique Recherche actually recommends twice daily use for optimal results.  And, while you may find your skin reacting to the product when you begin use, Clinical Esthetician,Christine Fader, says, “Over time, regular use will make your skin more resilient and less reactive. Generally speaking, it helps the skin to be less sensitive overall.  When used twice a day, every day,  as directed, it builds up the skin’s tolerance to its active ingredients.”

How long does it take to see results from P50?

The name suggests that regular use of twice daily for 50 days is when you will start to see a difference in your skin, but as Fader points out, some skin concerns may take longer to see results. The key is consistency when it comes to P50.  As an everyday treatment, it is designed to deliver gentle results that build over time.  Meaning you end up with sustainable, long lasting results.

What are some additional BR products that compliment P50T?

Masque Vivant

Because BR treats the skin Instant© (what is happening in the moment) the line itself is highly customizable, meaning there isn’t a ‘one fits all’ solution.  

However, there are many amazing products within the Biologique Recherche family.

A few of the more popular recommendations include:

Masque Vivant which is rich in antioxidants and will purify the epidermis, regulate oil secretion, unclog and tighten pores, as well as revitalize your skin.  It is amazing for anti-aging, acne and balancing the skin.

Lotion P50 PigM400 is another sought after product that helps to reduce sun damage or acne discoloration.  Additionally, it contains a slightly higher pH that is targeted to calming down the production of melanin in the skin and is also highly exfoliating so it also helps to brighten the skin.

PIGM 400

You can view our Biologique Recherche collection here.

However, when it comes to the prescriptive nature of BR, we always recommend working with a Clinical Esthetician to ensure that you are using the right products for your Skin Instant©.   At Spirit Spa, we offer both in-person and virtual complimentary skin consultations if you’d like to learn more about which BR products are right for you!