The Art of the Soak

We all know that taking a bath on a chilly, damp day makes us feel amazing, but did you know that there are actual psychological and physical benefits to Hydrotherapy?

In fact, Hydrotherapy is one of the most established healing therapies, dating all the way back to the origins of Greek Mythology. Water therapy is often recommended for tension release and overall well being and is also used to ease chronic pain and facilitate rehabilitation in more serious conditions.

Not only does taking a hot bath make us feel good, it also offers a variety of therapeutic benefits including lowering both blood sugar and blood pressure, promoting an easier transition into a sleep state,  creating healthier and more moisturized skin, improving blood flow and circulation and even providing relief from headaches and cold or flu symptoms. It is also proven to provide an overall improvement in our self esteem.

We can easily incorporate our own hydrotherapy routine at home, creating an atmosphere to naturally detoxify, relieve anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, reduce pain and tension and ultimately feel great.

Bath Soak

That’s why we are so excited about a new line of bath products that are redefining the Art of the Soak!

Create a serene and relaxing spa experience at home with these beautiful soaks from The Bathologist.  These therapeutic bath blends are made from clean and natural ingredients and will help set the mood for your body to sleep, recover or hydrate.  

Can’t decide on what to try?

May we suggest the Soak Trio

The Bathologist Recover

Recover – Eucalyptus & Cedar Wood

A post-work out, muscle relieving collection that evokes the feeling of an outdoor thermal spa.

The Bathologist Sleep

Sleep – Lavender & Fresh Mint

Set the stage for a restful sleep with high quality lavender essential oil blended with therapeutic mint.

The Bathologist Hydrate

Hydrate – Sweet Orange & Rosemary

Quench your skin with citrus, rosemary and organic jojoba nut oil for the softest skin ever.

Looking to really uplevel your at home hydrotherapy? 

Add in a bath bomb or bubble bath to the mix!  The Bathologist offers bath bombs and bubble baths to compliment each of their Recover, Sleep and Hydrate lines. 

The Bathologist products are perfectly designed to spruce up those damp and chilly spring evenings and would also make a wonderful gift for Mom (pssst – Mother’s Day is coming!)

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